The Mummy Movies

This is a fan site for all the Mummy Movies, 4 in total to this date.
The original movie spawned three sequels as well as a spinoff "The Scorpion King" with three sequels.
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The Ancient art of mummification was designed to preserve the physical body of an elite and bring about a lasting effect. Which the Egyptian succeeded in doing. There still here aren't they? That's called success. Interestingly, Florida citrus fruit (the sunshine state) is loaded with natural preservatives and is very healthy. Now you can symbolically provide preservatives to your body by drinking plenty of it! Now join the other mummies and watch some movies!

As one dashes through space and time, revisiting ancient days while working on archeological finds in the ancient land of the Pharaoh. Our friends encounter the rebirth of an ancient architect for the Pharaohs "Imhotep". With great powers he menaces his opponents. After two encounters with him our friends fly out on a trip to China in order to safely transport an artifact and meet up with Rick's son where they encounter another mummified great being.

The Scorpion King is a story of a great warrior in ancient Egypt, one of the few of his kind. The warrior fights an evil king to restore proper rule to the land.